About Fintech Innovation

What we do

Fintech Innovation is building innovative technological solutions that aim to reshape the financial sector as we know it. We specialize in the supply of mobile-first financial products, biometrics and the distributed ledger technology.

We believe in the power of creating a fantastic user experience driven by the most up-to-date technology. With a modern and uniquely simple approach, we offer solutions that are not only cost-effective but are also one of the best available in the market.



The blockchain is a distributed database which records a continuously growing list of entries through a secure validation mechanism. The technology lends itself perfectly to a financial ledger and has a proven track record of the successful application.

Biometric Security

Fintech Innovation deploys biometric security as a primary security measure. The ever-growing number of customers use mobile smart devices that support two or more technological features which allow for a multi-tier biometric verification.

Artificial Intelligence

The technologies we implement along with a robust auditing and analytical tools provide massive amounts of data that powers AI systems. AI systems will focus on the improvement of the user experience, prediction of scaling and prevention of fraud.


Come work with us

We are always looking for new people to join the team. It takes the combined effort of ambitious, talented and innovative people of all backgrounds to help us build the future of finance. Interested? Then see our job listings here.
Investor Relations

Innovation starts here

At Fintech Innovation we are true believers in the power of the financial technology and its potential to suggest new paradigms in the financial markets. We are looking for like-minded investors or partners who would like to influence the growth of the company with both investment and impactful network.

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Open banking platform bridging banks and FinTechs in one ecosystem.